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Disadvantaged Pronounced A Father

Disadvantaged Pronounced A Father
Perhaps because she is more often called to ask how things every day, but you know, if it turns out Dad was the one who reminded Mama to call you?
Maybe once when you're little, Mama was the one who more often take
telling stories or berdongeng, but you know that after Papa worked with tired face and Papa always ask Mama about are you and what did you do all day?

By the time you are still a little girl ......
Dad usually taught his little girl riding a bike.
And after Dad could mengganggapmu, Papa will release the auxiliary wheels on your bike ... Then Mama said: "Not yet Dad, do not be removed once the wheel helped him",
Sweet mama's daughter feared last fall hurt ....

But you realize?
That Papa will let you confidently, looking at you, and take care of pedaling a bicycle with a carefully because he knows his little daughter SURE CAN.

By the time you crying whining request new dolls or toys, Mama looks at you with pity.
But Papa would say sternly: "Perhaps, we'll buy it later, but
not right now "
You know, Dad did it because he does not want you to be a spoiled child with all the demands that can always be fulfilled?

When you're cold sore, Papa sometimes a little too concerned until
barked by saying: "It is in say! you do not drink cold water!".

In contrast with the notice and advising Mama gently.
Know, Papa was really worried about doing.

When you have a teenager .....
You start demanding on Papa to be able to license out the night, and Papa
be firm and say: "There should be".
Know ye that Papa did that to take care of you?
As for Papa, you are something very - very unusual
valuable ..
After that you're angry at Dad, and came into the room, slamming the door ...

And that comes and knocks on the door so as not to anger is to persuade you Mama .. ..
Know ye that moment Papa closed his eyes and holding in his inner turmoil,
That Papa was eager to follow your desires, But again he MUST
take care of you?

As when a guy started to call you, or even come to
home to see you, Dad would put on the world's coolest .... : ')
Papa occasional eavesdropping or peeping while you are chatting together in the living room ..
You realize, if Papa felt jealous?

When you begin to more believable, and Papa loosen the rules a bit
to leave the house for you, you will be forced to violate curfew.
So did Papa was sitting in the living room, and waiting to go home with a heart that is very worried ...
And after feeling worried about it go on - late ...
When he saw his little daughter came home late at night and Papa's will
hardened and Papa yelled .. .

You realize, that this is because it is in the much-feared Daddy would come soon?
"That little girl will soon leave Papa '

After graduating from high school, Papa will be a little force you to become a doctor or engineer.
Know that all coercion is conducted solely Papa's - eye
just thinking about your future later ...
But anyway Papa kept smiling and supporting you when your choice is not in accordance with the wishes of Papa

When you're a big girl .... And you have to go another college town ... Papa must let you go at the airport.
Did you know that Papa body feels stiff to hold you?
Papa just smiled as he gave this advice - it is, and tells you to be careful ..
Though I'd like to cry like Mom and hug it tightly.
What Daddy did was remove a little tear in the corner of his eye, and
pat your shoulder saying "Take care of yourself well yes dear".
Papa do it all for you .... POWERFUL strong to go and become
an adult.

When you need money to pay for half the money and life, the first person is frowned Papa.
Papa must have tried hard to find a way so that their children can feel the same with other friends.
When the petition is no longer just ask for a new doll, and you know if he can not give what you want ...

The words that came out of Dad's mouth was: "No .... No way!"
Whereas in the inner Papa, he really wanted to say "Yes dear, I'll buy you Daddy".
Did you know that at that time Dad was failing to make child smile?

It's time you graduated as a scholar.
Papa was the first to stand up and applaud for you.
Papa will smile with pride and satisfaction to see "his little princess
not managed to grow up spoiled, and have become one "

Until now Lelakimu a friend came over and asked for permission to Papa to take you away.
Dad would be very careful to give permission .. Because you know if .....
That man is what will replace him later.

And finally ....

When Dad saw you sitting on stage with someone Pelaminan consider it worthy man who in his place, Papa was smiling, happy ....
Do you know, on that happy day Papa go backward
stage for a while, and weep?
Papa was crying because daddy is very happy, then Papa prayed ....
In a quiet prayer to God, Papa said: "O Lord my work has been
well done ....
My little daughter is cute and I love has become a beautiful woman ....
Bahagiakanlah she and her husband ... "

After that Papa can only await with his grandchildren who occasionally come to visit ...
With hair that has been and increasingly white ....
And body and arms are no longer strong enough to keep you from harm ....
Papa has completed its job ....

Dad, Dad, Dad, or Abah we ...

Is a figure that should always look strong ...
Even when he is not strong to not cry ...
He must look firmly even when he wants to pamper you. .
And he was the first person who always believes that "YOU CAN" in
all things ..

I get these notes from a friend, and it might be worthwhile if the share them with other friends.

I dedicate this article to friends my beautiful lady, who has now turned into a grown woman and Anggun, and also for my male friends that have been or will be a GREAT dad!

Yup, lots of things that might not be said to Father / Father / Father / Papa / P
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